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Quality Time Matters

We’ve all heard the same cliches before: spend time with your luved ones because one day you’ll wish you had more time. What makes the cliches about time and luved ones so powerful, is the undeniable truth about them. Every relationship needs quality time in order to live and breathe. Most people however, find themselves falling into one common pitfall when they begin to get comfortable in their relationship: exchanging their quantity of time together with their quality of time together. 

Understanding Quality Time:

Quality time transcends mere presence; it embodies the depth, intimacy, and meaningful connection shared during relational interactions. The quality of your time is measured by the deeper connections made with your other half that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. What does this look like in your relationship? Put the phone down, turn the TV off and look at each other! Talk with your partner, actively listen to what they’re sharing with you, and make an effort to be in the present with one another. 

The Impact of Technology:

In today's digital age, where screens often compete for our attention, carving out quality time has become more challenging than ever. The constant barrage of notifications, emails, and social media updates can detract from our ability to be fully present with our partners and lessen the quality of our interactions. While we luv that technology has enabled couples to check in regardless of location, turning the screens off for some one-on-one conversation is a great step towards bonding with your partner again. 

Current Evidence: 

Current behavioral models of relationship functions point to a balance of positive and negative interactions in a relationship. In other words, are you and your sweetheart exchanging more criticisms and sharp words than steamy looks and stolen kisses? You and your partner might have fallen into patterns of dysfunctional interactions with negativity characterizing most of them or you might have simply fallen out of the habit of making time for one another. The good news is, everyone has the ability to make a change in the name of luv. 

Who Has the Time?:

At Light My Luv, we understand how hectic your schedules can be and we aren’t here to shame or ridicule any one for falling behind in their efforts to create meaningful moments with their luved ones. It happens to us all, which means we have the tools necessary to help you and your sweetie take back control of the time you spend together. Marriage and Family evidence suggests that simple gestures, such as regular date nights, shared hobbies, and heartfelt conversations, can go a long way in strengthening the bond between partners. Practicing mindfulness, active listening, and empathy can also enhance the quality of communication and deepen emotional intimacy. Your date nights don’t always need to involve elaborate trips into town, with an elegant dinner or fancy hotel, they can happen right at home. Check out our kits at Light My Luv built to cater towards your busy lives and only require 30 minutes to an hour of your time. 

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