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Gratitude cultivates appreciation and fosters a positive atmosphere of acknowledgment and validation. It strengthens emotional connections, promotes mutual respect, and enhances overall satisfaction within the partnership. 


Tips for your Gratitude Jar- 

The First Night: Reflect individually on things your grateful for in your lives. Write down one thing you're grateful for. After writing, fold the paper neatly to keep the gratitude notes anonymous until you read them together later and add them to the jar. Commit to repeating this exercise regularly, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your preference and schedule. Encourage each other to continue adding to the jar over time. 

Set up: Find a designated spot in your home for the gratitude jar where both of you can easily access it. 

Fill the Jar: Place each folded paper in the gratitude jar. 

Appreciate: Take time to appreciate each other's contributions to the gratitude jar and acknowledge the effort put into this exercise. Celebrate the moments of gratitude shared and the strengthening of your bond through this activity. 

Gratitude Jar Kit

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