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Whether you're seasoned artists or just luv gazing into each other's eyes, this paint your date kit is the perfect excuse to get up close and personal and the ideal opportunity to spend time with someone special


The kit includes 2 canvases, 2 easels, 6 paintbrushes, 7 paint colors and 2 paint palettes


Tips for painting your date -

Observe closely: Take some time to really look at your partner. Notice the details of their face — the shape of their eyes, the curve of their smile, the lines and contours. Paying attention to these details will help you capture their likeness.

Start with a Sketch: Before diving into painting, sketch a rough outline of your partner’s face on the canvas. This will help you get the proportions right and serve as a guide as you paint.

Focus on Proportions: Pay attention to the relative sizes and placements of different features.

Play with Colors: Don’t feel confined to realistic skin tones. Experiment with different colors and techniques to capture your partner’s personality and mood.

Embrace Imperfection: Your portrait might not turn out exactly as you imagined, and that’s okay! Embrace the quirks and imperfections— they’re what make your portrait unique.

Paint your date

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